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To serve the needs and aspirations of millions of filmmakers worldwide

Imagine a virtual hub where filmmakers, producers, storytellers, actors, crew, investors and film buyers can meet, create and trade.

Filmica is such hub, comprised of ten platforms, each of which is designed to meet the needs and aspirations of filmmakers, investors and film buyers across the world.


The latest consumer cameras have developed to such a degree that they often match the quality of images made by high-end cameras. High-quality video clips bring projects to life, making productions look beautiful, vibrant and meaningful.

Now, anyone, anywhere can create engaging high-quality content and earn revenue.

Filmica is building the network and the tools for videomakers and video buyers to trade in royalty-free stock footage, in an open to all and easy-to-use marketplace.


A marketplace for content creators and content buyers to  trade in royalty-free footage

Filmica VideoMart Platform


Explore the sounds of life

While film is essentially a visual experience, a meaningful sound track is of vital importance. Sound enriches a film by providing emotion, mood, rhythm and atmosphere.

Sound Baz is, quite simply, a sound effects and music library where content creators can easily and quickly sell or buy from thousands of professionally-recorded royalty-free sound clips and effects and so much more.

Any sound creator in any part of the world can join the platform and instantly generate revenues from the sale of their sound clips.

Filmica SoundBay Platform

Storytelling is the interactive art of using words and actions to reveal the elements and images of a story while exciting the listener's imagination.

Stories or narratives have been shared in every culture as a means of entertainment, education, cultural preservation and to instil moral values.

Stories and storytellers are the foundation of any film. After all, without a story there would be no film. Story Port has therefore been built to highlight the importance of stories by discovering talented writers, to nurture and reward the very best in every tradition and culture.


A platform where the magic of movies begins

Story Port is a filmmaker's treasure chest



Wouldn't be great if actors from all over the world could find a platform they can truly call home

Filmmakers constantly seek ways to make their work more cinematic. Acting is the essence of cinema and there is nothing more cinematic than a great performance. Actor's Corner is designed specifically with film performers in mind.  

The simple layout lists actors and other performers by skillset, gender, age, build, ethnicity, country, language and distance.


Filmmaking is an entirely collaborative creative process where the cast and crew work together to engage and create . Whether a production has a huge or tiny budget, everyone involved, from producers and directors to best boys, gaffers and grips, has a crucial role to play. The skills and imagination of every single member of the team, bring the film to life.

Crew Point is designed to serve the needs of film crews, to facilitate the discovery of team members and technicians of whatever level or experience.


A place where ‘behind the camera’  technicians can be easily found,  connected and work together

The world’s film crews at your fingertips



The world’s most inclusive film production companies’ platform

Companies continually seek ways to connect and communicate and film companies are no exception. Film Production companies rely on awareness, connectivity and communication.

The purpose of Companies Home is to highlight and connect film companies with their prospective clients.

Producers, filmmakers and other content creators will be able to find and connect with the ideal production and services companies quickly, easily and conveniently.


Funding Circle presents a massive change in the way films are funded collectively by individuals, companies and organizations from all over the world. This model of collective funding knows no limits, no restrictions, no permissions and it’s free from the decision making of the few.

Funding Circle facilitates the creation of the tokenized films and aspires to truly reduce the complexity of film funding to a minimum.  


Film funding model based on quality and equality above all



Making a film can be a very expensive venture. The financial burden is frequently shared by bringing together two or more production companies. 'Co-production' is, quite simply, a joint venture between film, television or other production companies. Coproduction Zone is designed in such a way that production companies can easily and simply navigate to find and connect with potential co-production partners.

Every type of film in preproduction, from shorts and feature films to TV series, animations and documentaries, can get instant exposure and connection to any other film production company, anywhere in the world.

Find your perfect

co-production partner


Imagine a platform where millions of filmmakers, from all around the world, meet and trade with thousands of cinemas, TV stations, online TV, streaming platforms, airlines, film clubs, schools, universities and countless other businesses. 

Film Market is just that, a unique platform where any film that has ever been made, can be listed and generate revenue infinitely.


The time has come for a giant leap with the first global online film market

Any film that has been made since the birth of cinema, can be listed in Film Market and generate revenues infinitely



A marketplace for film NFTs

From gaming and real estate to celebrity tokens and almost everything that exists in the world today will eventually take some form of digital value by way of digital tokens.

In the ‘tokenization of everything’, the film industry will benefit enormously and this is also the core concept behind Filmica.            

PicEx, short for Picture Exchange, is Filmica’s NFT marketplace.

This is the platform where investors globally are able to invest and trade film NFTs.

Picture Exchange is the smart contract intermediary that connects filmmakers with investors and film buyers. 

PIC is the new universal unit of film


Stay Informed





Filmica is a meeting point where filmmakers, storytellers, actors, crews, investors and film buyers connect, trade and share in the power of great stories.




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