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The Technological Age

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

The Film Industry is Changing

It can justly be said that the history of the art has always advanced in step with technical invention.

From the earliest days of the movies, the artistry of innovative technology has been a constant. It can justly be said that the history of the art has always advanced in step with technical invention.

Generally speaking, the power of the imagination often travels beyond the means of execution. However, there have been many pioneers in the film industry. When Orson Welles’ masterpiece Citizen Kane was released Time magazine wrote that, "it has found important new techniques in picture-making and story-telling."

But now all the many developments in digital technology bring us even closer to the very core of our creativity, where we can create worlds that are more colourful and truly larger than life.

Filmmakers have constantly sought mobility and practicality when filming. And when the Steadicam appeared on the scene in 1975 this opened up even more ways of telling their story.

As digital technologies developed, they created new and innovative ways of filming. Special effects, shooting in tight spaces, crowd scenes and shots where the camera follows the character - all these techniques could now be used more freely to create movie magic.

The age of digital video began with the transition from analog to digital audio in 1991, when Dolby Digital audio coding was released.

The first years of the new millennium saw the rise of digital cinema screens across the world. In numerous ways, this made many of the earlier filmmaking techniques more or less redundant.

From royalties to film production and distribution, this huge market was divided between just a couple of big film studios. Naturally, this led to numerous leaks and pirated distribution developed with the rise of the Internet. Then, along came streaming platforms, which changed the rules and created a simpler and more affordable model.

This new wave gave birth to many business opportunities, as new financing and distribution models were born or reinvented. With sophisticated mobile phones everyone has their own cinema screen in their pocket. In what seems like the blink of an eye, the digital age has completely changed the way we interact, connect and communicate.

Filmmaking itself has been completely transformed and the stories that we have been told and that we now share have played a major role in this.

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